List of Jewish Infertility Support Organizations

The halacha observant couple experiencing infertility has a number of unique concerns. The following organizations address these issues.

1) Machon Puah ( The Puah Institute for Medicine and Fertility in Accordance with Halacha offers counseling, guidance and assistance to couples with gynecological and fertility problems worldwide. They also provide full halachic supervision in hospitals and fertility laboratories for couples undergoing artificial reproductive technology, and offer a variety of courses, seminars, study tours, and lectures.

2) A T.I.M.E. (A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange - This website helps put couples in contact with health professionals familiar with issues faced by observant Jews. It also includes an on line bookstore for relevant books, audio and video tapes. Suscribers are notified about the many lectures sponsored by this organization.

3) Merkaz Panim - Located in Israel, Merkaz Panim uses a multidisciplinary approach - including counseling, body empowerment, and therapeutic massage - to provide emotional and physical support to women and couples facing fertility challenges. The center also offers information and referrals to professionals in relevant fields.

4) Zir Chemed - A halachic fertility clinic offering a holistic approach that combines counseling, emotional support and technical expertise. The clinic is located in Israel, but consultations and assistance are also available elsewhere.

General Support Organizations for couples facing the challenges of infertility include:

RESOLVE: The national infertility organization ( provides education, advocacy and support to couples facing infertility. It has local chapters throughout the United States.

In Israel, Hatinok Shebalev (Children of my Heart - offers practical advice as well as emotional support to would be parents who seek updated information, more positive coping methods or a sympathetic listener during the sometimes lengthy process of infertility treatment. Their volunteers offer assistance through open phone lines, face to face sessions and home visits.

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